Yoga Props



Een yoga prop is simpelweg een heerlijk hulpmiddel om je yoga practice aangenamer en diepgaander te maken.

Hieronder een overzicht van yoga props die je bij YogaSter kunt bestellen:



Het heerlijke oogkussen, gemaakt van biologische lavendel & lijnzaad, is een fijne, gemakkelijke en zeer werkzame manier om te genieten van de wonderbaarlijke effecten van lavendel aromatherapie. Leg eenvoudigweg zo’n kussentje over je ogen, adem lekker in, ontspan en geniet van het kalmerende effect van lavendel. Afbouwen van stress kan niet gemakkelijker dan dit!
De kussentjes helpen ook bij hoofdpijn en gespannen spieren. Het lijnzaad in de kussentjes zorgt ervoor dat ze gemakkelijk plooibaar zijn en dus meegeven met de diverse vormen rond de ogen. Bij het ontspannen van de ogen door middel van zo’n oogkussentje kunnen ook de wenkbrauwen, jukbeenderen en slapen meer ontspannen.

Het relax oogkussen is ook ideaal om even 30 seconden op te warmen in de magnetron en op jouw ogen te leggen na een lange dag.
De warmte zal hoofdpijn (door bijvoorbeeld vermoeidheid) verlichten. Leg een te warm kussen nooit direct op je ogen! Ook kun je het oogkussentje even in de koelkast of in de vriezer leggen voor eenverkoelend effect.
Al onze oogkussens zijn gevuld met de hoogste kwaliteit biologische lavendel en bio-lijnzaad uit Kroatië.

Het hoeslaken is handgemaakt (made with love) door YogaSter en erg handig om apart te wassen voor de hygiëne.

• Afmetingen: 22 x 8 cm
• Gewicht: 140 gram
• Materiaal zakje: 100% katoen. Kleur: taupe
• Materiaal hoeslakentje: 100% katoen. Made with love by YogaSter. Kleur: zwart met witte sterren
• Vulling: 100% biologisch lavendel en biologisch lijnzaad uit Kroatië

Prijs: € 15,00



The Kurma Classic professional yoga mat is a high quality, high performance yoga mat recommended and used by yoga teachers for a safe and successful yoga practice.

What the Kurma Classic professional yoga mat does best is let you focus on yoga:
• No bunching
• No slipping
• No squishing
• No scent
• No toxins
• No wear & tear


This Kurma mat was created by Kurma founder, Claus Grzesch, in Germany in the early 90’s. As a direct disciple of India’s foremost yoga guru, B.K.S. Iyengar, Claus has been one of Europe’s most respected Iyengar yoga teachers and teacher trainers over the past 3 decades. On a mission to enhance his own practice, Claus began developing and testing yoga mats in order to find a better, healthier, high-performance surface to practice yoga. Claus created and tested over 100 types of mats, before he landed on the recipe and quality of the Kurma Classic, professional yoga mat. After years of product research and development, carefully selecting materials and processes…
The Kurma Classic professional yoga mat was named:
• The most luxury
• The most practical
• The most sustainable
For nearly 20 years Kurma has been the top choice of yoga professionals across the globe, and the stand-out leader in Europe. Incredibly Stable and Safe on Your Joints: The Kurma Classic is set-apart by its dense structure which protects joints from short and long-term wear, and from pain!

The dense structure also improves stability in your yoga practice. This benefit is shared from those beginning yoga, to those who are the most advanced. In addition to the protection and balance, it’s amazingly comfortable on your knees, spine, ankles, and wrists, making for a much more smooth and enjoyable yoga practice. There is no need to double-up this mat in a knee-down lunge!

The dense firmness provides a stable and trustworthy floor-like foundation which any yogi would agree is the foundation for balancing success. In addition to protection and support, the mat will not lift, roll, stretch, or shift with fast movement. It rests heavy on the floor so you can go about your practice.

What About Grip? This mat has a textured non-slip cloth-like grip that holds hands and feet firmly. The grip enhances over time rather than diminishing, which sets it apart from typical TPE yoga mats.

Tested & Certified 100% Non-Toxic Medical Grade PVC by Oeko-Tex® to Standard 100

Oeko-Tex® is an independent Swiss testing institute for harmful substances, whose certification proves there is no risk to consumer health.

Kurma yoga mats have gone through rigorous testing by their scientists who granted this important certification.
The Oeko-Tex® label represents an important decision-making tool for purchasing any manufactured textile. Oeko-Tex® is known as a pioneer in testing for harmful substances that clearly exceed all national regulations in order to protect consumer health. All mats are free of phthalates, heavy metals and all other known toxins.

All Kurma Yoga Mats are made in an emissions-free German Factory, which ensures workers are compensated fairly. All production is under strict environmental regulations.

The Kurma Classic professional yoga mat has stood the test of decades in studios across the world. The perfect exercise mat for any activity, even with gym shoes! There is no risk to try this amazing yoga mat, you will love it!

This is a yoga mat you can feel good about spending time with, knowing it is actually the best yoga mat you can buy.

The Kurma Professional is guaranteed to last your lifetime. Invest in Kurma for a Lifetime of Better Yoga

Product details CLASSIC:

• Long: 200 cm (extra long length! Average is 185 cm) Wide: 60 cm
• Thickness: ± 6,5 mm (extra thick)
• Weight: 3.3 kg
• Latex Free
• Density: Super Dense, High Surface Tensions
• Material: Certified Non-Toxic PVC (Certification OEKO-Tex Standard 100) Cell Structure: Closed Cell, will not absorb moisture, sweat, or bacteria
• Maintenance: Clean & dry in an instant, never requires deep cleaning
• Extremely Durable & 25 Years of German Quality

Prijs: € 60,00







Stuur een e-mail naar en geef aan welke yoga prop je graag wilt bestellen. Het product kun je gratis ophalen bij YogaSter in Boxtel of thuis laten bezorgen (bezorgkosten voor eigen rekening, tarief pakket PostNL). Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.


★ Yogatherapeut i.o. (IAYT 800) International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) ®
★ Yoga Therapy Supervisor Case Studies & Teacher @ The Yoga Therapy Institute (YTI)
★ Advanced Yoga Teacher (RYT 500+) @ Yoga Alliance® International
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